Enrollment is OPEN for our 2020-2021 Dance Season!  We have made changes to our processes and procedures as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. These changes are mandated by the government, and are in place to ensure the safety of our dance students, our staff and the population in general. Some of the changes are outlined below:

  • A parent or guardian must complete a pre-screening form before attending class at the studio.  Parents are then also required to self-screen their child before each class.  If the student is experiencing ANY symptoms of COVID-19 they must stay home from dance and should seek testing and appropriate medical attention.
              * Pre-Screening for Fall Dance Classes

  • There is a gap between classes to ensure that the studio is disinfected before the next group of students enter the classroom.  This will assist in avoiding the possible spread of germs.

  • The lobby will remain CLOSED until further notice.  Only students enrolled in classes will be allowed to enter our unit (and only at their scheduled class time).  Parents may either drop off their child and come back at the end of class, or wait in their vehicle.  Parents/guardians will be advised to wait with students until the designated drop off time, and to meet their child outside the building after class at the designated time. Children’s safe exiting of the building to a parent/guardian will be monitored by staff.  Parents will have to be diligent in picking up and dropping off their children on time for this upcoming season.

  • All students will be screened prior to entering the studio.  This includes, but is not limited to, answering a pre-screening questionnaire, and having their temperature checked with a no-contact forehead thermometer.

  • Masks must be worn in the building in common areas such as the washroom and lobby in compliance with Hamilton By-Law 20-155.  If you do not have a mask, we have them available for $2..

  • Dancers will be assigned their own 6-foot x 6-foot "box" in the classroom to ensure social distancing is maintained throughout the class.  Students must place any personal belonging in this taped off area i.e. water bottle, their mask (which may be removed once they are in their assigned box however we recommend wearing the mask for the full class).  We recommend limiting items brought to class, and only bring what is necessary to participate in the class.

  • Changerooms will remain CLOSED, and students must arrive to class already in their appropriate dancewear.

  • Bathrooms will be sanitized after each use at the Hamilton location, and are open to students only during their class time.  We have installed hands-free taps and soap dispensers.  Since the bathroom at our Ancaster location is shared with another unit, we cannot guarantee that it will be sanitized after each use, but it will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.

  • Creative Movement for Tots classes will become Dance with Me classes.  This means that each student under the age of 3 will have a caregiver in the classroom with them to ensure that they follow the rules and maintain social distancing throughout the class.

  • Hygiene - Employees, contractors, volunteers and students will be advised to wash their hands upon entry and as often as needed, with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use approved hand sanitizer.

  • Everyone will be encouraged to follow respiratory etiquette (e.g. coughing or sneezing into a bent elbow, promptly disposing of used tissues in the trash).

  • Frequently touched surfaces (door knobs, light switches, toilet handles, sinks, barres et cetera) will be disinfected between each class.  Props will not be used during class, or if they are each student is responsible for bringing their own personal prop to and from class (i.e. yoga blocks, therabands etc.)

  • Students and instructors will be socially distanced by 6 feet or more during class.  Parents may authorize NJADS Instructors to enter this social Distancing barrier (via the Pre-Screening Questionaire) to make corrections to their child during dance class (i.e. contact to correct posture, position, technieque, or to spot during acro class).  Both student and instructor must wear their mask if within 6 feet, and hand sanitizer must be used before and after contact has been made.  During October and November there will be no contact between dancers and staff to limit contact.
  • Drop in for classes is not allowed.  All dancers must register for a specific class per week, and remain with their class cohorts.  Missed classes due to vacation, illness or other are non-refundable, and cannot be made up.  All dancers must remain with their class cohort as per Hamilton Public Health.
  • Hugs, hand-shakes and high fives are on hold for now, but we'll get back to that as soon as we can!
We are excited to be back in the studio, and want to ensure every precaution is taken to ensure a smooth and safe transition to back-to-dance!

Keep Dancing!
Amanda Jeffery, BFA
Owner/Artistic Director of NJADS Inc.
Hamilton Location: 833 Upper James Street, Rear Unit
Ancaster Location: 1412 Sandhill Drive, Unit C (in the Ancaster Business Park)

In the event that a COVID-19 Quarantine become mandated in the future, all of our 2020-2021 Dance Season classes will be moved online at the same day & time as the class you have registered for!

Not ready to be in studio dancing?  Join our Virtual Dance classes online!   Be active, have fun, and STAY SAFE learning from the comfort of your own home!  Virtual Season runs for 26 weeks, with Equal Monthly Tuition Fee is billed in 7 payments on 1st of each month November through May.  Classes start November 4th!


Enrollment for our 2020-2021 Dance Season (September through May) is now OPEN! Register early to avoid disappointment, as some of our popular classes fill quickly!

Looking for our NEW ANCASTER Location schedule? Click here!

Our classes listed below are by the style of dance that we offer.  Our system shows you REAL TIME how many spaces are left in each class for your child to enroll.  Not sure which class is best for your child?  Email us, and we can help you select the perfect dance class for your child!

LOCATION MAIN = 833 Upper James Street, Rear Unit, Hamilton
LOCATION ANCASTER = 1412 Sandhill Drive, Unit C, Ancaster
LOCATION ONLINE = Virtual classes on Zoom

Tuition Pricing for 2020-2021 Season - Price listed is the pre-tax cost per month for the class. Tuition is billed on the 1st of each month September through May in 9 Equal Monthly Installments.  Students starting mid-season will be charged pro-rated monthly tuition in the month they start classes.  Recital fees are billed for dance students on July 1st (or at time of enrollment if registering after that date). 

July or August sessions - Pricing listed is a one time pre-tax cost.  Total amount owing is billed at time of enrollment.

Attention Parents:  When registering your child for our Dance Season they must meet the age requirements for classes as of September 1st.

New to Dance?  Check our a list of our Frequently Asked Questions

Dance with Me ~ 18-35 months!

Want more quality time with your child?  Enroll in a dance class where you can dance and make memories with your child that will last you both a lifetime!  Not only parents are invited to attend this class (you may also have a Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle etc. come to class with your child.  We do ask that only one caregiver per student attend class each week).  We use music that your child knows and loves, while teaching them beginner dance moves with a ballet and jazz basis. Students will learn all about warming up, stretching, nursery rhymes, role playing and obstacle courses to foster a love for dance, enhance gross motor skills and build social skills.  This class prepares your child for Creative Movement for Tots class where they are independent of their parent.  ATTIRE: Students and Caregiver should wear comfortable fitting clothing or dancewear that they can more in.

FirstThomas Steps Dance Class (Creative Movement for Tots) ~ 2-3 years!

For many students in this class, this is their first time participating in an activity on their own.  Being away from their parent may cause anxiety in some children, and you may also find yourself anxious if this is YOUR first time away from your little one!  Please rest assured that we will try and make this transition as happy and smooth as possible.  The ultimate goal of this class is to have students actively participating on their own.   This Creative Movement for Tots class is an introduction to the basics of dance in a structured environment, while allowing students to develop their musicality.  This class may involve pretending to be animals, playing instruments to learn rhythm, learning balancing, skipping and running and technique props.  This program continues to enhance motor skills, creativity and build social skills. In this class children will be moving to music, performing creative movement, acting out nursery rhymes and learning beginner dance steps for the foundations of dance. This class is suitable for both boys and girls, and they will have so much fun that they won't even realise that they are learning the fundamentals of dance technique along the way.  This class prepares the child for the Pre-Dance class and will help them to acquire a lifelong love for dance! (For students that are not ready to be participating on their own in class, we recommend placement in the Dance with Me class where there is a caregiver participating with them).

PLEASE NOTE: for our 2020-2021 Season we have combined this class with the Dance with Me program to ensure each child has a caregiver in the classroom to assist them to maintain social distancing requirements.  We hope to offer this class in the future once social distancing has been removed by the government.

Shining Stars * Tutu Cute * Tiny Tumblers * Tip Tap Toe ~ 3-4 years!


Our Pre-Level Dance classes are unique programs geared towards the imagination and energy of the active 3-year old!  Programs blend specific dance styles, using creative, imaginative role-playing and fun props.  The music for these classes is fun, age appropriate and familiar to your child!  These classes expand on the techniques learned by our younger Dance with Me and First Steps Creative Movement classes. We do some warming up, stretching, progressions across the room (including skips, gallops, kicks and basic turning skills). Movement, rhythm and improvisation are introduced in a lively manner, which encourages an interest in dance and promotes co-ordination.



Acro Class Abby



Acro is the combination of gymnastics and dance movement.  In Acro, we teach our students to dance into and out of Acro tricks, with minimal obvious “prep” before and after a trick. Despite being technically difficult to execute, acrobatic tricks are meant to blend in seamlessly with dance steps, providing an extra level of excitement and flair to dance choreography. This program teaches flexibility, agility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline & concentration. This class will focus on fundamental acrobatic technique. Students will learn such things as handstands, chin stands, elbow stands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers and balance.  A great add-on for any dancer who is looking to perfect or show off their skills!  Our Acro class placement is skill based rather than age based.  Once our students have mastered the skills in their level they move up to the next allowing them to develop their skills at their own pace.   Please contact the studio if you are unsure which level is appropriate for your child.


Is there a difference between Acro and Gymnastics?  Find out here!
Our Acro Instructors are certified and trained by



Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles.  Body awareness, technical training and coordination are stressed throughout the class, and students are taught correct terminology.  Learn the five positions of the feet and exercises such as pliés, tendues and sautés.  Students will develop strength, flexibility and an awareness of correct alignment, while being exposed to music from classics such as The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty.  Barre work will be completed during warm-up for these Ballet classes.  Our dancers will thrive from positive reinforcement during this class!

Pointe / Pre-pointe is a class where the ballet dancers supports all of their body weight on the tips of fully pointed feet (wearing special shoes).  Dancing en pointe makes the dancer appear weightless and is done by wearing special pointe shoes.  Students are recommended for pointe based on age and ability.  Dancers must be in a minimum of 2 ballet classes a week to qualify for dancing en pointe.  There is no recital for pointe classes.  Dancers wishing to pursue pointe classes should set up a meeting with the Director to discuss their progress and confirm they on track to meet their goals.



Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.

Olivia O'Hoski Jazz


Students are introduced to rhythm and coordination through jazz dance steps, while developing their sense of musicality. Energetic and upbeat jazz dance is combined with funky fast movements.  Leaps, Jumps, Turns and Stretching are some of the fundamentals taught in this class. Combinations are taught to today's hottest music, and we always ensure that songs are age appropriate for each level.


Combo Classes!


Not sure which form of dance is right for your child? Try one of our combo classes!

Jazz/Ballet - this energetic class that combines Ballet and Jazz, so that students are exposed to both art forms.  This class is considered a "recreational" class, students wishing to take a structured ballet class that includes barre work should register for our straight Ballet classes.

Lyrical/Jazz - A great class for students who want the fluid movements of Lyrical, but are looking for a dance class that is upbeat as well!

Acro/Jazz - this class is perfect for dancers looking to perfect their tumbling skills, and also want to enhance their musicality and rhythm.

Kathryn SoloLyrical

Lyrical dance is a dance style that blends elements of Ballet and Jazz.  Lyrical dance is generally a little more fluid than ballet and also somewhat faster -- although not as rapidly executed as jazz dance.   Lyrical dance is characterized by fluidity and grace, and has a poetic, expressive quality.  This class challenges students to use motion to interpret music and express emotion.

Tap Paige


Students will learn the basics of tap technique while developing a sense of rhythm, coordination and timing. Shuffle, ball change and stomp your way through a fun class that combines rhythm, sound and movement.  Increasing footwork speed, sound clarity, and terminology are just a few of the skills students will learn in this class.   Our tappers love dancing to popular, age-appropriate music and getting LOUD!  Tap shoes are required for all tap classes.

Hip Hop Street Dance Scarlett

Hip Hop/Jazz Funk and Hip Hop/Street Dance


Hip Hop/Jazz Funk class is a cute, fierce and powerful style of dance with a diva-like dance quality.  It takes elements from both Hip Hop and Jazz.  This high energy class gives students a chance to release their sassiness and dance fiercely!  They will also explore free style improvisation.  Students will develop their sense of rhythm and musicality while dancing to age appropriate music.

Hip Hop/Street Dance class is an urban style of Hip Hop.  It is a mix of isolated and fluid body movements and is quite performance oriented.  There are elements of popping, locking and breaking.  Free-styling and tricks will also be incorporated based on student's ability level.  We will also explore individuality within the style and enhance personal style.


Musical Theatre

This performance oriented Musical Theatre class will allow you to shine like a star...sing...act...dance!  Become a triple threat!  The class will build self-esteem and stress the importance of teamwork within an acting/dance class setting. Improvisation, drama exercises, dance and script work will be explored. This class is ideal for students interested in expressing themselves through acting, singing and dancing.   If you have never danced or taken any classes before don't worry, this class is open to all levels and abilities!


Just Dance Programs!


Is your child interested in dance classes, but you are overwhelmed by the “dance mom scene?”  Is your family pretty chill, and you are looking for a dance studio that is the same?  Then we have the perfect dance program for you!  NO HUGE COMMITMENT, NO HUGE FEES, NO CRAZY COSTUMES, OUTFITS, HAIR OR MAKEUP…It’s the Not Just Another Dance Studio Just Dance Program!


Tuition is a one time fee billed at time of enrollment to cover the entire session.  HST not included in pricing listed below.

Adult Classes

All of our adult classes are open to dancers of all experience levels.  We welcome dancers to explore and find their own movement vocabulary in a safe and comfortable environment.

Register online for discounted monthly tuition, or Drop-in to our Adult classes.  Please arrive 10 minutes before class time the first time you visit us to fill in a Drop in Form.  It will then be kept on file for future drop ins.  Please pay at Reception $17.00 (HST included) for Drop in classes (Cash only).


Seniors Classes

All of our seniors classes are open to dancers of all experience levels.  Body Blast is a fun and challenging class which uses your body weight, resistance and cardio to shape and tone your whole body while burning calories.
LOW IMPACT CLASS: This class uses a chair as equipment to gain maximum workout with low impact.
HIGH IMPACT CLASS: Build strength and balance while gaining confidence in your fitness abilities. A fun class to get exercise and be social!



Stretch and Tone Classes

Looking to develop your flexibility or tone and build up your muscle endurance?  Our Stretch and Tone class will also teach proper form for stretching and strength exercises.  A great add on to your dance class regime!



Special Events!

Check back for upcoming events.

Homework Club!

Not Just Another Dance Studio supports our dancers in their academic efforts.  Dancers age 9+ can use Studio C to have a quiet area to do their homework between classes.
  • Quiet: This is an area for quiet study only.  Please respect those focusing on their work.
  • Food and drinks are allowed in the Homework Club room, but please be respectful and dispose of garbage in the receptacles provided.  In the event of a spill please advise reception so we can clean up the mess as soon as possible.
  • Proper: Do not stand on tables, chairs or any furniture.
  • Neat: Please tidy up after yourself.
Date Time Drop In Fee

Dance Camps and Dance Intensives  

Dance Intensive outline - Dancers will train in various styles of dance.  They will also work on choreography, technique and strength training.  We will discuss healthy eating tips, and how to select good meals as a dancer.  Get to know your muscles, build confidence, and team work activities!

Our Fantastic and Fun Dance Camps are back!   These exciting dance camps will keep your child active, entertained, smiling from ear-to-ear and busy from head to toe while they make memories with new friends!  We offer Christmas Break, March Break and Summer Dance Camps in a variety of exciting themes.  Students will experience a variety of dance styles during the camp, such as Jazz, Acro, Lyrical and/or Musical Theatre.  What a great way for dancers to discover their favourite style of dance!  Previous Dance experience preferred, but not required for Dance Camps!



NJADS Competitive Dance Team!


The life skills your child learns from dance class grow even deeper when they are part of a competition team.  Our Competitive Dance Members are role models in the school and the community, and are held to an extra-high standard when it comes to attendance, leadership and responsibility.  They must commit to be motivated, to work full-out in their classes and rehearsals, and to take and implement corrections from their teachers without complaint.  They commit to always represent their team and Not Just Another Dance Studio in a positive manner.  Dancers are not just learning exciting performance routines; they’re learning how to follow-through on commitments, how to support one another, and how to never give up.

At Not Just Another Dance Studio we commit the following to our Competitive Dancers:

Dance is an art form and competitions are a wonderful experience for our dancers to grow by improving technique, experience performing, be evaluated by experts and show their passion for dance.  NJADS focuses on the experience and growth of our dancers, while recognizing the effort invested.  It’s not about the wins or losses, it’s about learning how to work as a team, how to create and cement long standing friendships, how to listen and make your coaches/parents proud, and most of all it’s about loving dance and belonging to the NJADS Dance Family.

  • We will continue to be the studio that always has a staff member backstage before and after our dancers go on stage to cheer them on and support them.

  • We will always be the studio that uses positive reinforcement and doesn’t yell at or berate our dancers to achieve results.

  • We will always be the studio that focuses on our dancers doing their personal best over winning.


One-on-One Private Dance Lessons!

Interested in taking your dance training to the next level? Want to work on your turns, jumps or an amazing workout to build strength and flexibility?  Sessions are available in Jazz, Lyrical, Acro, Tap, Contemporary and Stretch & Strength. Come train with Miss Aysha, Miss Alyssa, Mr Chris, Miss Sydney or Miss Natalie 1-on-1 in a private lesson! Spots available throughout the year.  Contact the studio now to reserve your space!


* Contact the Studio regarding staff availability for Private Lessons!  (905) 529-9885.


Take a Class on Us!

Want to see what being a part of the Not Just Another Dance Studio family is all about?  Tour our facility, meet staff, and try a dance class on us!  You can also enroll for our 2020-2021 Dance Season or any of our Summer classes and camps.  We look forward to meeting you and inspiring your child through dance!  Please pre-register to reserve your spot as spaces are limited!


Contact the studio at (905) 529-9885 to reserve your spot for a ONE WEEK CLASS PASS ON US!  Dancers can trial as many classes as they like (pending space in the class) during a one week period.  (Available for October through April only.)  DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC WE WILL NOT BE OFFERING THE ONE WEEK CLASS PASS TILL FURTHER NOTICE.

First Dance for Weddings

Whether you are just looking for a little help to look more comfortable during your first dance, or if you want to learn a choreographed routine to wow your guests, we can help!  We can create custom dances for Brides & Grooms, Fathers & Daughters, Mothers & Sons, Wedding Parties.  Take some of the stress off of this important part of your special day with dance lessons.

* Gain confidence and elegance
* Learn easy twirls and presentations
* Videos and choreography notes available for choreographed routines

Call us (905) 529-9885 or email to learn more about our customized wedding packages!


Performance Opportunities

Cast of Alice in Wonderland

We offer our students performance opportunities during the dance season to work on their performance skills, and increase their self-confidence.

Parent Viewing Week

You are invited to attend our Parent Viewing Week the last week of the Fall Session before our Christmas Break to watch your child performing their Christmas dance routine.   Costumes are not provided (Students wear their normal dance wear, and may dress festively i.e. wear red skirt, a santa hat or antlers etc.).  In lieu of tickets, non-perishable food is collected for The Hamilton Dream Centre Food Bank.

Recital - Act 2

The Annual Recital is held at the end of the Dance Season and allows students to show off their new skills for family and friends.  Performing on stage will be a magical experience for your child, and is eagerly anticipated by our students.  We typically do a production instead of the basic dance recital.  We performed Cinderella in 2013, Alice in Wonderland in 2014 and The Wizard of Oz in 2017.  Our Costume Fee is payable for each class registered in.  The Costume fee(s) are as follows:

  • Dance with Me - N/A as they do not have a performance.
  • Creative Movement for Tots $100.00
  • Pre-Level classes $100.00
  • Level 1 and 2 classes $110.00
  • Level 3 classes $120.00
  • Level 4 and 5 classes $130.00

What does the Costume Fee cover?  The costume fee covers your child's costume, which is theirs to keep at the end of the event!  As our gift to you, we provide two tickets to the performance per dancer, a 5x7 class picture, a NJADS cerftificate and sticker and a flower.

Students must be registered for the full dance season to participate in the annual recital.  Although we allow students to register per session, these students are not elligible to participate in the annual recital.

Recital - Act 1

Our Pre-Level and Level 1 classes perform in Act 1 of our Recital.  This is a shorter section of the performance. This keeps the performance stress free for our little dancers, and the show usually runs for approximately an hour.

Creative Movement for Tots Performance

Our Creative Movement for Tots students will do an in studio performance (instead of performing onstage).  This will ease our youngest dancers into performing for parents only, in a comfortable atmosphere that they are used to.  They will still receive a costume, a 5x7 class picture, a certificate and sticker and a flower!

Other Opportunities

We also provide additional opportunities for our dancers to perform in our community at local retirement homes, festivals, sporting events, charity events etc.


Save The Dates

* Parent Viewing Week:  TBA
* Annual Recital (Hamilton and Ancaster location): Saturday, May 30, 2020.
(For details log in to the Student Webpage!)

Studio is CLOSED on the following Holidays:  Thanksgiving (Monday, October 12); Family Day (Monday, February 15); Good Friday (Friday, April 2), Easter Monday (Monday, April 5); and Victoria Day (Monday, May 24).  NOTE: Students enrolled in the Monday classes receive discounted monthly pricing for the classes missed.

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY: The studio is closed for Christmas holidays following Parent Viewing Week (December 13-January 3rd, 2021).  NJADS closed for this period to encourage the type of environment that we strive to achieve: one that encourages a well-rounded dancer grounded in family and other outside interests including school.  Please note that you are not billed for the missed classes during this shut-down. Refer to our Student/Parent Handbook for more information.

MARCH BREAK - Regular classes are not running during March Break from March 13-21, 2021.  Check out our fun and exciting dance camps and workshops available during the March Break!

ANCASTER LOCATION!  Classes are held at 1412 Sandhill Drive.

Our newest location is in the Ancaster Business park! We are excited to be able to now inspire dancers in both Hamilton and Ancaster!